The Creative Opportunity Seminar

Vision and Goal

Since 2015, Knock Out Productions Media has hosted several seminars dedicated to raising the next generation of young, creative entrepreneurs in both the media industry and the small business industry. The very first Creative Opportunity Seminar was held in a small, health-food storefront in the bustling city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Seminar Host, Diamond Johnson, shared her entrepreneurial knowledge and digital media expertise to 30 attendants. 

Ms. Johnson has covered informative and motivational topics such as: 

  • Marketing a business on social media (the effective way),
  • Growing a nation-wide audience with a powerful commercial, 
  • Engaging with new and potential customers, and 
  • Pursuing an individual's/company's dreams, step-by-step

With Ms. Johnson's Bachelor degree in Electronic Media Communications and her background in Entrepreneurism, her film and multimedia production expertise has inspired audience members of various industries to pursue their entrepreneurial goals by utilizing her company's film and multimedia production services. The company's services range from growing a business's/individual's Social Media Page to creating a high-quality promotional video. Every seminar has hosted audience sizes of over 50 guests, with a mix of young and experienced entrepreneurs. After every seminar, audience members come up to her and compliment both her professionalism and her seminar:

"Awesome event, I learned many new things. Thanks Diamond." - Sam Michaels

"When are you going to host another seminar? I'd love for my kids to come hear you speak." - Anonymous

Today, the Creative Opportunity Seminar continues to bring creative entrepreneurs - both young and experienced - together to ignite encouragement, hope, and vision all over the nation! 

The Creative Opportunity Seminar in Charlotte, NC - 2016

The Creative Opportunity Seminar in Charlotte, NC - 2016